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One of the most important chefs of our time, fine-dining trailblazer Albert Adrià is celebrated for his roles as pastry chef and creative director of groundbreaking avant-garde restaurant, El Bulli. And while the now closed El Bulli is no more than a significant piece of postmodern food history, Albert continues to innovate with his chain of forward-thinking Barcelona restaurants like Enigma.
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Barcelona’s Best Restaurants

We’re lucky here in Barcelona. From the orchard to the sea we have very good products, which means that the restaurants are only getting better and better. One of the restaurants that I go to the most is Shunka for omakase cuisine by my friend: Japanese chef Hideki Matsuhisa. Lucky for me, it’s also close to my home. I really like Dos Pebrots, a restaurant inspired by Mediterranean culinary history. It’s very particular and unique. It won’t leave you indifferent at the least. For me, Rías de Galícia and Estimar are the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona.

My Favourite Tapas Bars

When friends and chefs come to visit, I always take them to my favourite tapas bars. Everyone who visits Spain wants to know where to find authentic tapas – the places that take special care of the product. El Vaso de OroCal PepEl Xampanyet and La Cova Fumada are all great options for vermouth and everything to do with tapas – especially ensaladilla rusa (Russian potato salad), anchovies and bombas.

“You Won’t Find the Best Jamón Ibérico in Tapas Bars”

My favourite thing to eat, and the one dish I always miss when I’m away from Spain, is undoubtedly Iberian ham with bread and tomato. Good jamón ibérico is expensive; and you normally can’t find a great quality of it in bars. I prefer to order it at restaurants that give it the treatment it deserves.

Traditional Catalan Flavours

If you’re visiting Barcelona, you must experience typical Catalan cuisine. Pur is the Catalan word for “pure” as well as the name of a restaurant in the centre of Barcelona. It’s perfect for Catalan cuisine made using the best products. They also have a basement cocktail bar called Impur. For classic Catalan dishes, you should also go to Ca l’isidre, a restaurant in the Raval district that opened in 1970. I also like Bonanova, another restaurant that has been around for a long time and serves traditional Catalan cuisine using seasonal products.   

Seafood by the Sea

When I want to relax I like to visit a chiringuito (small beach restaurant) with friends, to eat paella and watch the sea. There are many along the beachfront, but my favourite is Chiringuito Escribà.

Selected Works: Tickets Evolution (2018), A Day at elBulli (20018), El bulli ii – aleman ( 2006), El Bulli IV (2005).

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