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You know you’ve made it when the world knows you simply by your first name. As chef of legendary Basque dining powerhouse Mugaritz, Andoni is constantly asking the question, what if? What if he cooked without borders, not just between countries, but between the worlds of food, science and art? What if you ran a restaurant that dared to close for four months a year so the kitchen could dedicate itself exclusively to creating new dishes? And what if you shared and used your profile and knowledge to advance both cuisine and humanity through vital charity work? These are just some of the reasons Andoni is regarded as one of the modern era’s most important chefs.
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Where To Eat In San Sebastian

Arrea! is a new project from chef Edorta Lamo, of pintxo bar Fuego Negro in San Sebastian. His new restaurant, which is fantastic, is in Santa Cruz de Campezo, a mountain village in Montaña Alavesa (inland Basque Country) where Lamo has his family roots. The concept is about the region’s cuisine, but as a new version. It’s very interesting.

When I visit Elkano, I feel that I’m really alive. And that moment is extraordinary. It’s a restaurant that I love helping people discover, but I don’t like to go there with anyone. For me, it is something incredibly intimate. It is a true example of what is honesty, excellence, memory and culture. It is truly a temple of the ingredient.

Where To Eat In Madrid

Chef Luke Jang worked at Mugaritz some years ago, and has now started his own personal project, Korean restaurant Luke Restaurante. It is very special. He has just one table and cooks for his guests in front of them, as if they were at his home.

Nakeima is the perfect restaurant if you want to have fun. Their style is very creative. They don’t have a menu, and they don’t accept bookings.

At Arima Basque Gastronomy the product is the king. Inspired by her grandmother, Nagore Irazuegi opened the restaurant together with her partner. They also have a wide and interesting variety of vermouth.

Tasquita de Enfrente is the story of a family business that has been able to successfully adapt to new times and maintain the authenticity that they’ve had since the beginning.

Selected Works: Mugaritz: A Natural Science of Cooking (2012), Mugaritz. Vanishing Points (2019).

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