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He prefers to keep a low profile, but his cooking is the talk of foodie and industry circles around the world. At his restaurant The Chairman, Danny Yip’s locavore philosophy isn’t for the sake of song and dance, but rather to make his dishes sing. He doesn’t compromise when it comes to sourcing the best products and ingredients, and these standards hold strong when it comes to choosing where to dine in Hong Kong.

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My Favourite Restaurant in Hong Kong

If I had to pick my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong, it would be Seventh Son. Its signature suckling pig is great, and it’s my favourite spot for dim sum. I like to order the cheong fan (Chinese rice noodles), siu mai and char siu bao. The restaurant was opened by the same person who used to run Fook Lam Moon – a place I’ve been eating at now for over 20 years.

Eat Like A Local

Another great spot to enjoy Cantonese food is Sang Kee Seafood Restaurant in Wanchai. If you really want to experience Hong Kong’s dining scene like a local, this is the place. It’s very causal, nothing expensive and it’s not fancy at all: just very good Cantonese food and some home-cooking-style dishes.

Regional Taizhou Cuisine

A restaurant I love is Xin Rong Ji, which serves Taizhou cuisine. It’s not fancy, but the kitchen uses the best produce, highlights the flavours of the ingredients and stays focused on the tastes. Nothing fusion. It’s very Chinese, but original.

A Great Seafood Experience

Another restaurant I like in the Soho district is a place called Neighbourhood. Chef David Lai of Neighbourhood and I will go to eat together at Ap Lei Chau seafood market. I usually take industry friends who are visiting there for a seafood feast. It’s a great Hong Kong experience. We’ll go and pick the live seafood before having it prepared and cooked by one of the local restaurants.

Amber Restaurant. Photography: Courtesy of Amber Restaurant

Fine-Dining And Wine To Match

To unwind after a long week and enjoy good food and wine with friends, I go to fine-dining institution, Amber Restaurant run by Richard Ekkebus.

A Dish That Says Welcome Home

If I’ve been travelling, the one dish I want to eat as soon as I land back in Hong Kong is wonton noodles. Mak’s Noodles does a very good version, and it has branches across Hong Kong.

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