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Korean temple food and fried chicken might seem like an odd couple, but they’re both integral parts of Mingoo Kang’s world. The chef behind Seoul tasting menu restaurant Mingles is remixing Eastern and Western cuisines and techniques, a winning combination that has seen the restaurant voted as the best restaurant in Korea for four years in a row by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.

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Authentic Korean Fried Chicken

When friends of chefs come to visit Seoul, I take them to Hyodo Chicken. Though I and chef Shin Changho from Joo-ok were involved in the menu development, this place is where you can enjoy authentic Korean chicken culture.

The ‘Chef Of Chefs’

Hansikgonggan is the most innovative Korean cuisine restaurant in Seoul. Chef Cho Hee-suk, the chef of the chefs, is managing the kitchen, and you can taste and experience the past and present of Korean cuisine through her life, and through her cooking. If you want to have exceptionally authentic Korean food experience, this is where you should go.

Where I Go To Be Inspired

Sometimes I feel like I want to have a moment with a chef from a different part of Korean cuisine. Sushi Sunsoo is representing the Korean sushi scene, and eating at his sushi restaurant, seated at his counter, is an opportunity to be inspired.

A Contender For The City’s Best Korean Barbecue

If you have something to celebrate, it should be done at Born & Bred, the best barbecue restaurant in Korea! This is where you can really experience the best of Korean beef and barbecue culture.

Contemporary French, Casual Feel

Toc Toc is the best casual restaurant in Korea. It is a place where everyone can enjoy amazing food, happily and comfortably.

A Gourmet Playground

Supermarche is a ‘Gourmet Playground’ where fine dining chef-owners show off their individuality, and a space where the chef’s sensitivity is expected to appeal to the public. The branding is charming and takes the concept beyond menu development and cooking.

The Restaurant More People Should Know About

Joo-ok is a modern Korean restaurant and is really a gem of the Korean fine-dining scene. With the food chef Shin Changho is creating, it’s really a surprise that his restaurant is not well known overseas. For people who want to experience the local Korean scene and culture, this is definitely where they should eat.

A Bowl Of Korean Soup Culture Before Take-Off

The best way to start or end your trip to Seoul is with traditional Korean soup at Pyunghwaok. The restaurant is located at the airport and is owned by fine-dining chef Jungsik Lim and offers an introduction to Korean soup culture. It’s usually the last meal I eat before I travel.

Fine Dining In Seoul

Mosu is the only restaurant in Korea that can really be described as a ‘fine dining’.

Guide last updated March 2020

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