Isana Sushi Bar

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About This Venue

This venue is recommended in food writer Melinda Joe’s guide to eating and drinking in Tokyo, Japan.

 “Isana Sushi Bar is a good place to have an introduction to high level sushi at a very fair price. The chef comes from a kaiseki background and was in London for more than a decade. When he came back to Japan, he opened his own contemporary place that’s accessible because he can speak English. Sushi is the most personal kind of cuisine. To really have a great experience, so many things have to gel. It’s not just about the fish. It’s not just about the rice. It’s not just about the space. You have to feel some kind of connection with the sushi chef too. There’s so much that you have to consider, and also a very Japanese kind of thing. When you’re talking about hospitality, it’s never only about what’s on the plate.”

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    Isana Sushi Bar

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