Gift Vouchers

Ho Jiak have two locations, both of which have gift vouchers available.

You can purchase a gift voucher for Ho Jiak Haymarket HERE

You can purchase a gift voucher for Ho Jiak Town Hall HERE


Ho Jiak have a menu available for pick-up or delivery HERE.

About This Venue

This venue is recommended in chef Dan Hong’s guide to eating and drinking in Sydney, Australia.

Ho Jiak is, in my opinion, the best Malaysian food in Sydney. The owner Junda Khoo is a friend of mine and is really trying to take Malaysian food to the next level, and not in a bad way. I’m not saying he’s trying to do modern Malaysian food – he’s not – but he’s just trying to do Malaysian food with the best produce he can. He does a scarlet prawn har mee (prawn noodles). You should see the broth, it’s like bright red. It’s a $45 bowl of har mee but it’s fucking incredible. He’ll do an abalone bah kut teh (pork bone soup) with baby abalone through it. He does the best char kway teow (stir-fried rice noodles) in Australia. He got some marron in and I was like, “I want a marron char kway teow” which he made for me. Now it’s become one of his signatures. When truffles are in season, he does an amazing three-egg custard that’s like a Malaysian chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard) with salted egg, and century egg. He’ll cover that with black truffle and it’s so delicious.”

Ho Jiak

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