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Employee Relief

Sqirl have launched The Sqirl Employee Fund where you can bid on and purchase Sqirl-specific goods and services that highlight and celebrate our staff and their many skills and talents. 


You can also support Sqirl by purchasing a product from its online store.

About This Venue

This venue is recommended in the following guides to Los Angeles, USA:

Chef’s Table Creator, David Gelb: “I love Sqirl by Jessica Koslow; she’s a really clever chef. Sqirl makes the most delicious breakfast and brunch kind-of food and the most delicious bacon I’ve ever tasted. I especially love her famous ricotta toast, and her crispy rice bowls, they’re awesome. Brian McGinn – director and producer of Chef’s Table – lives near there so we’ll go and have a nice brunch sitting outside. When Corrado Assenza came to town – he’s the gelato chef from Sicily in Chef’s Table Pastry – we took him to Sqirl, and he loved it. We had a great time there.”

Chef Grant Achatz: “Sqirl has become iconic. It just screams Los Angeles. All of the ingredients come from small farms and local purveyors. It serves super healthy food – like turmeric tonic and great rice bowls – and has creative, healthy twists on amazing pastries and jams. You know, there’s a really great avocado toast. Californian stuff. Delicious stuff.”

Chef Roy Choi: “One of the biggest things that has come to define LA-style food post-Kogi is a place called Sqirl. That’s been one of the biggest kind of mash-up, character-defining restaurants that describes what it feels like to be in LA. My go-to order is the toast with ricotta and jam and the rice bowls.”

Food Writer Kaitlin Orr: “Sqirl is iconic, and everybody probably knows that already, but it’s definitely worth the hype. This is a place I feel is pretty defining of L.A. because it’s so delicious, but you don’t feel guilty when you’re eating there – it’s very green, with a lot of healthy food like rice bowls, salads, and veggies. This is a place that people will drop by before going on a hike, but it also has killer pastries.”


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