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About This Venue

This venue is recommended in chef Tomos Parry’s guide to eating and drinking in London, England.

Brawn is a restaurant that I really love. It’s very close to Brat, and it sources some of the best produce in London. I can relate to its style of cooking and I feel relaxed there. The chefs are confident and focused on flavour. It’s sort of bistro-style food using incredible produce.”

This venue is recommended in chef Eyal Jagermann’s guide to eating and drinking in London, England.

Brawn is a really good example of a really cool, young neighbourhood restaurant that’s good for lunch or dinner. Two British guys cooking quite simply, but quite elegantly. They make their own bread and do all sorts of classic British dishes, but with their own twist, and again, it’s quite simple and very high quality. They have a really good wine list which changes all the time; it’s definitely a place where you can try cool, funky, new-age wines from all over the world. The room is lovely, and the place just has this really cool, local atmosphere.”

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