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You can purchase a gift voucher for Happy Boy HERE.

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Happy Boy have a menu available for pick-up or delivery HERE.

In an effort to keep staff employed during the coronavirus crisis, the owners of Happy Boy have launched a virtual restaurant, Kid Curry. Including six curries and sides, the menu is available for both pick-up and delivery. View the menu and order HERE.

About This Venue

This venue is recommended in food writer Matt Shea’s guide to eating and drinking in Brisbane, Australia.

“I love to take people to Happy Boy. It just does a whole lot of things really well: really good service, the pricing is really good, the dishes are unusual and not too trend-driven. I sometimes think owners (and siblings) Cameron and Jordy Votan don’t give themselves enough credit for how legit some of their meals are. Their Emperor’s breakfast – a prawn (shrimp) omelette – is probably my favourite dish in Brisbane. Most omelettes that you get in Brisbane are cooked firm and are pretty subpar, but this is just amazing: a beautiful, simple omelette, soft-cooked so it hangs on to a lot of moisture. Jordy was telling me that this used to be a staff meal and it was so good that they started putting it on the menu.”

Happy Boy

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