Daniel Greeve

Daniel Greve

TV Presenter. Professional olive oil taster. Publisher. The career of food writer Daniel Greve has been as diverse as it has exciting. Based in Santiago, Greve founded and runs Emporio Creativo, a food and wine publishing company that produces recipe books and South American cocktail magazine Jigger. When he’s not tackling deadlines or hosting popular food TV programmes in Chile and Argentina, you’ll find him in one of Santiago’s best wine bars, or inside central market eating “the best churrascos you will ever taste in your life.”

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Chilean Wines Are World Famous

I think most people who travel to Chile are interested in wine. And for good reason. We produce some of the best wine in the world. Thankfully, there are some great wine bars here in Santiago that offer many wines by the glass, allowing you to taste the diversity and richness of our different wine styles and regions. Baco has an amazing selection of wines by the glass. I think it’s the biggest wine by the glass list in Santiago. It’s huge with around 40 or 50 wines available by the glass, and at a really good price. It’s a French bistro cooking very simple but delicious dishes like steak tartare using local Chilean produce and products. Bocanáriz is a restaurant and wine bar in a really cool neighbourhood called Lastarria. They have one of the most extensive and awarded wine lists in the country, with a great selection of around 400 Chilean wines. It has a cool vibe. It’s a really nice feeling when you’re inside. La Vinoteca is a wine shop. Inside is a restaurant that serves the most amazing breakfast. Actually, you can also eat lunch here which is perfect because this way you can enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. It’s great service, and when you drink a bottle of wine in the store, it’s at the store price.

The City’s Best Kept Secret Sangucherías

Here in Chile we are crazy about sandwiches. We are really good sandwich eaters and there’s a couple of sangucherías (a restaurant specialising in sandwiches) that are really, really good. One of those places is Sangucheria Casacombi. It’s amazing. It makes one of the absolute best sandwiches in Santiago. And it’s a really small and unassuming place. It’s not on Trip Advisor, and it’s not even on a map. When you arrive, you’re not sure if you’re at the right place. You think, “This must be a mistake. This is a house, not a restaurant.” Churrasco is one of our national sandwiches.

Simple Seafood, Simply Tasty

One restaurant I really love to go is Miraolas. It’s a seafood restaurant where they prepare and cook fish very simply; using only garlic, chilli and olive oil. It’s really delicious.

Dance With The Locals

There is only Chilean music on the playlist at Liguria. It’s all about local music and local food. And traditional cocktails! They have a great pisco sour! It’s a really fun place, and I think it actually feels more like a bar than a restaurant. The space is amazing. Today, you’ll see tourists here too, but really, it’s a restaurant made for the locals.

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