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When Colombian-born, Mexico City-based food and travel journalist Liliana Lopez gets home, the thing she craves most is tacos. For The Local Tongue, the former editor of Food & Wine en español (and other Spanish food titles) talks about her favourite addresses in the Mexican capital, from go-to taquerias and cocktail bars to fine diners that live up to the hype. When she’s not filing copy for the many international titles she contributes to, she’s customising city guides around the world for clients and friends.

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My Favourite Tacos

If I’ve been away travelling, the first thing I want to eat when I get back to Mexico is tacos in any form. One of my favourite places for tacos is a place near where I live that serves tacos al carbon (meat grilled over charcoal) called Los Picudos.

Seasonal Cooking And Natural Wines

To enjoy good food and wine with friends, I usually go to Amaya, a restaurant from Chef Jair Tellez. It has a good vibe, I love that the food there changes upon seasonality and there’s a great natural wine list.

A Commitment To Quality Ingredients

My favourite restaurant in Mexico City is Maximo Bistro or anything that chef Eduardo “Lalo” García does. He has such a commitment to produce quality, so that everything tastes extremely good. At Maximo Bistro his menu changes almost daily, but I usually have his ragu pasta – that I love – a fresh salad, and aguachile or crudos. I love to have breakfast at Lalo!. Everything is delicious, but I always order the chilaquiles with extra bacon. I love chilaquiles; I could eat them at any time of the day, but Mexicans eat them for breakfast. I also love his French bistro Havre 77.

Excellent Seafood

Contramar is a classic spot and great for lunch. It serves excellent Mexican seafood, the best tuna tostadas, tuna carnitas, and tacos of esmedregal (cobia).

Regional Mexican Cooking

Nicos is one of my favourite Mexican restaurants; the sauces, moles and guacamole are very good. For a small bite, go to La Tradiciión at Parián Condesa Food Hall where you’ll find the best cochinita pibil; a dish from Yucatan. 

Dinner Reservations In Mexico City

For dinner, I love Paramo, a casual spot for beers, wine and tacos. Or for something fancy, I love Quintonil and Sud 777

Playing With Spice

To experience the local casual dining scene go to Masala y Maíz, a restaurant that explores the intersection of spices between Mexico and India. 

Great Cocktails

Tokyo Music Bar is fun because of its vinyl playlist, the incredible glassware and the simplicity of the cocktails. For a great cocktail program, also head to Limantour

Guide last updated March 2020

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Liliana Lopez

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