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Together with maverick sommelier Nick Hilderbrandt, Brent Savage has left an indelible mark on Sydney’s dining scene. From the progressive cooking at the duo’s mothership Bentley Restaurant to exploring the potential of seafood and vegetable cooking, Savage has been advancing the modern Australian food discussion for more than a decade and shows zero sign of slowing down. This is how he tackles mealtimes in Sydney.
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Where To Celebrate In Sydney

I got married at Quay and our wedding anniversary is a great excuse to keep going back. The restaurant was recently re-fitted and the menu is constantly changing which keeps it interesting. Sixpenny is an intimate fine diner in Stanmore, and their tasting menu is a great option for special occasion celebrations.

Snacks At The Wine Bar

For more casual dining, I’m loving Poly, a wine bar in Surry Hills. Their snacks are really tasty and lots of great options on the wine list. 

Where To Take A Group

Golden Century is a Cantonese seafood restaurant I’ve been going to for years. It’s open late at night so I go often with the restaurant team or with visiting friends. If industry friends are visiting Sydney, I might take them to Mr Wong’s, a big restaurant with an extensive menu. They specialise in dumplings and delicious Asian share-style food. 

The City’s Favourite Yakitori

To experience the local scene, Darlinghurst yakitori-style restaurant Chaco Bar is a great option. It’s small and only fits 25 people and serves excellent grilled meats as well as a great beer and sake list.

A One-Of-A-Kind Restaurant

Paul Carmichael has been at Momofuku Seiobo for a few years now and he has a really unique style which isn’t really being done anywhere else in Sydney. If you don’t have time for the full Carribean fusion tasting menu, you can go for amazing snacks at the bar.

Where Staff Go After Work

French Restaurant Hubert is just around the corner from Bentley, our restaurant in the CBD, so it’s the ideal option for a late-night meal or drink after work. The fit-out is really immersive so it’s a great escape for the staff after a long night.  

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