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After opening in 2015, Jefferson Rueda's restaurant A Casa do Porco skyrocketed to seventh place on the 2018 Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant List, so it’s no surprise that Ferran Adrià referred to the nose-to-tail São Paulo hot-spot as the future of gastronomy. Being sustainable and ethical is only the foundation for Jefferson, who ensures that his food is accessible and affordable to all of those in the community.
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My Favourite Restaurants in São Paulo

I really love the arais (flatbread and meat) sandwich at Carlinhos. There’s a great Japanese restaurant called Pub Kei; make sure you ask for the fresh fish of the day.

…And My Favourite Dish

You must go to Santo Colomba and try the duck rice – it’s one of my favourite dishes in São Paulo.

Brazilian Cuisine

Tordesilhas is one of the best Brazilian cuisine restaurants in town. I love its feijoada (black bean stew). Jiquitaia is another favourite restaurant of mine. The chef is a good friend. The daily dishes here are the best.

Where The Locals Are Eating

If you want to experience the local dining scene, go to Chef Vivi. All of the daily dishes are great, and all organic. Another great local spot is Conceição Discos. The pão de queijo – a classic Brazillian cheese bread – is amazing. It’s definitely something everyone should try while they’re here.

When I Want To Celebrate

If I’m celebrating a special occasion, I’ll most likely go to Fasano – it’s a city classic.

The Game-Changers

Corrutela is a restaurant that is really influencing the dining scene with its philosophy and sustainability. Go there and try the windmill polenta.

Where You’ll Find Me Outside Of The Kitchen

When I’m not in in the kitchen you’ll most likely find me at Bar da Dona Onça. It belongs to my wife, chef Janaina Rueda. It’s a great place in downtown São Paulo, right underneath the famous Copan Building. Go there on Monday to try a local specialty, virado à paulista (bean puree with pork). Also try the cachaça; I actually like to drink this way more than wine. The wine lover and connoisseur is my wife Janaina.

After-Service Drinks

There’s a bar located right next door to Bar da Dona Onça called Fel, which I usually go to with the other chefs from the kitchen after service.

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