Jowett Yu

French Cuisine, Reimagined

At Belon, Chef Daniel Calvert takes a meticulous selection of the best seasonal produce and enhances their natural taste with cooking precision.  The cuisine presents a clever twist to French cuisine, without ever losing sight with flamboyance and excess: a true exercise in restraint.  

A Vital Hong Kong Restaurant

Matt Abergel’s Yardbird has the total package. Truly delicious yakitori, always a party vibe, friendly service, great tunes, great interior and branding.  This is where I always take out-of-towners.

New-Style Cantonese

At The Chairman seasoning is precise, refined, and restrained to let the natural taste shine. This new-style Cantonese restaurant from chef Danny Yip shies away from the usual luxurious ingredients of Cantonese cooking, and instead uses the highest quality, local produce.

Traditional Cantonese (Plus Hong Kong’s Best Barbecue)

Seventh Son serves traditional Cantonese food and the best suckling pig in Hong Kong.  Also a soup of bird’s nest stuffed inside a pig’s stomach is an exquisite (and also expensive) treat. Go to Yat Lok for the finest roast goose in town, and be sure to go early to get the goose leg. Pang’s Kitchen in Happy Valley feels like a neighbourhood bistro. It has a small intimate vibe with only a few tables in the room. It’s cooking classic cantonese with consistent execution. Dishes like the crispy skin chicken and sweet and sour pork with strawberries are a standout. Also, it’s BYO with relatively low corkage. Our family go there at least once a month.

Where Cantonese And Pakistani Cooking Meet

Islam Food is a great spot for Canto-Pakistani curry, and juicy exploding “beef goulash”: a pan-fried hot pocket of beef mince.

Guide last updated March 2020

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