Riccardo Camanini

“The produce shows the path that the cuisine has to follow.” This quote from Riccardo Camanini says much about the Lido 84 chef’s cooking philosophy. While Camanini’s restaurant boasts impressive views of Lake Garda, his kitchen’s masterful understanding of both tradition and innovation denote it as more than just a restaurant with a view. Bold dishes like the Roman classic of ‘cacio e pepe’ boiled inside a pig’s bladder and theatrically cut open tableside helped earn the restaurant the 2019 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ‘One to Watch’ award.

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An Authentic Italian Trattoria

When friends of chefs come to visit, I take them to Osteria Pizzeria a Casa Mia Pierolì to experience Italian grigliata (barbecue) with red local wine like groppello. The T-Bone steak is amazing, and owner Oscar’s warm and genuine hospitality makes this a special and authentic Italian trattoria.

A Place I’ve Been Going To For Years

Trattoria Riolet has been a special place to me for a long time. Since last year, Ernesto and Giusy are enjoying their well-deserved retirement, but the restaurant is still open with new owners.

Pizza With A View

If I’ve been away travelling, the first thing I want to eat when I return to Italy is, of course, pizza. I like to go to Pizzeria Nablus, which also has a beautiful view over the lake.

Traditional Flavours And Great Wine

If you want to eat where the locals eat, go to Osteria dell’Orologio in Saló – about 10 minutes by car from Gardone Riviera.  It’s a very beautiful and traditional furnished restaurant with a very good wine selection and many traditional plates from the region.

A Very Special Restaurant

There is a special place in Milan. It’s called Trippa, which means tripe; a very humble ingredient that recalls the flavours of real Italian trattorias. I really admire the gustatory involvement that chef Diego Rossi offers me every time I visit. 

Guide last updated March 2020

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