Christian F. Puglisi

Christian F. Puglisi is the restauranteur and chef behind Copenhagen’s Relæ, one of the world’s most sustainable Michelin-starred restaurants. When he’s not entertaining friends at pizza restaurant BÆST, the El Bulli-trained, ex-Noma sous-chef runs Farm of Ideas, an organic farm that sustainably produces food for his restaurants while also delving into food research and chef education.

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The City’s Big Hitters

My favourite restaurant right now in Copenhagen is Sanchez by Rosio Sanchez. A lot of people know about this place now, but you just can’t beat it for the inventive Mexican dishes and fresh flavours. If I have something to celebrate, I’ll most likely head to Ved Stranden 10, which is probably Copenhagen’s most high-profile wine bar, but it’s still casual. Noma is an obvious choice, but if industry friends are visiting from out of town, this is where I’m taking them. Of course!

Casual Vibe, Serious Food

Brought to you by the Amass team, Broaden and Build is a great place to go with a few friends to enjoy great beer and good food. It’s a brewery in an old warehouse with a taproom and some delicious bar snacks. They’re ingredient-driven and focused on sustainability, which is really important to me. If you want to eat where the locals eat, head to La Banchina for simple yet tasty fish fare by the water. This is usually where you’ll find me on a beautiful Summer’s day.

Getting High Off His Own Supply

When I entertain, I want to be able to share food with friends, and there’s nothing quite like sharing the burrata at BÆST. Being my own restaurant I’m obviously biased, but it’s also my house and that’s where I entertain friends. BÆST has a butchery and micro-dairy upstairs where we make all our charcuterie and raw-milk cheeses, something that is totally unique in Denmark. This means we’re able to produce and serve cheese on the same day that we get our milk delivery from Farm of Ideas. When I’m on the road, the one thing I miss is sourdough from Mirabelle Bakery. It’s the bread we serve at all of the restaurants, but if you eat at Mirabelle Restaurant you can see it being made at our in-house bakery. I usually take mine to go from the bakery takeaway.

Asian Flavours Reimagined

A new and exciting restaurant to check out is Tigermom which was opened in 2018 by Lisa Lov, a former sous chef at Relæ. The combination of her experience at Relæ, where she learnt how to critically source the finest produce, together with her talent and inventive cuisine, guarantees a great meal. Ranees Thai Restaurant, which is right around the corner from my house, is a place I’ve been going to for years now. I love Slurp Ramen Joint for a bowl of well, ramen, obviously.

Guide last updated August 2019

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