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A former gang member turned German food kingpin, Tim Raue is one of the movers and shakers in Berlin’s dining scene. According to the Chef’s Table star – and self-confessed “white guy cooking Asian dishes” – restaurants in Berlin can be divided into three categories: places serving local ingredients, places opened by people that have moved from somewhere else in the world, and places where chefs express themselves freely. Raue’s guide to the city includes restaurants from all three categories.

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To Fully Understand Berlin’s Food Scene

To me, Berlin has three strong culinary influences: restaurants opened by people who have come from around the world, and bring the cuisine of their home to Berlin; restaurants who are focused on the ‘local movement’ and mainly use products which are locally sourced, cooked and served with a message in a great way (like Ernst, Nobelhart & Schmutzig and Horvarth); and lastly, those with what I would call the original Berlin feeling –  restaurants and chefs that feel they can do whatever they want – that feel free to create what they want and express themselves in a highly individual way, like I do as a white guy cooking Asian dishes, or as what more than a dozen great chefs in Berlin do. There is no other restaurant like Restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin. The atmosphere is completely unique, we have an amazing wine list and of course dishes that have that flavour punch.

My Favourite Restaurants Right Now

Everyone needs her or his regular Italian restaurant, and mine is Osteria Centrale where there is great hospitality, pure Italian food and great wines. Funky Fisch is to me the best fish restaurant in town, and I like that I can get a healthy and lean menu there. I really enjoy going to my brasserie Colette which is open seven days and serves yummy French-inspired food in a beautiful design restaurant. 

Home-Style Cantonese  

Home-style Cantonese restaurant Good Friends makes me feel like I’m in Hong Kong – the place where a lot of my culinary inspiration is from.

The Planet’s Best Kebab

I always take visiting friends to the best döner kebap on the planet – Mustafa’s Gemüse Döner. There’s always a long line here, so we’ll first go to Curry 36 and pick up a currywurst with French fries and take this as a snack while we wait in line.

How I Like To Spend a Friday Night

To relax with friends, I want to go to a place where I can get great wine and some nibbles. For this, Freundschaft Wine Bar and the bar at the Das Stue Hotel are my favourite places, because they have a relaxed atmosphere, nice wine lists and great food.

To Enjoy a Beautiful Summer’s Day in Berlin

Go to the terrace on the 8th floor at the Soho House Berlin; it’s the most buzzing place with a pool, a crowd that bursts full of energy and nice drinks – and of course a great view over Berlin.

Selected Works: Tim Raue: My Way (2017)

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